An Interview With The Singer-Songwriter And Mental Health Advocate, X.ARI!

Meet X. ARI!  This spring she will be releasing her new EP Dis-Order. She is an extremely strong advocate for mental health, and her message has been super impactful thus far. Her new single “Vapors” was released a few weeks ago, which you can check out here: In October 2017, X. ARI launched her two-fold Pain Into Power Campaign, starting with her single “Cattle Call.” The campaign is highlighted by her short film Grace, which is directed by CFC Alumni Dan Abramovici (Netflix’s Ben’s at Home). The film features music from her debut EP Dis-Order and chronicles a father going through severe depression through the eyes of his seven-year-old daughter. The second part of the campaign is highlighted by Dis-order, which features 6 tracks, including singles “Cattle Call” and “Vapors,” that dive into various aspects of life, love, loss, and most importantly – struggle. In college, X. ARI majored in psychology looking for answers to anxiety and depression caused by a tumultuous upbringing. She found them by way of music, rather than books. “There’s dark and light inside all of us every opposite is a complement,” she explains. “You can’t have beauty without pain. You can’t have success without failure. You can’t have the ying without the yang. You accept yourself amidst those demons.” At this time last year, X. ARI had surgery and was suffering from depression, insomnia, anxiety, and PTSD, which led to a hospitalized breakdown. “There was no dim light at the end of the tunnel and every part of my being thought this was the end. If I only knew that so many people have similar struggles, I would not have felt so alone. Perhaps I would been able to recover sooner had I not been so ashamed.” It’s taken her a year to open up about her story, but she’s sharing it all with the hope of encouraging others to get help, to know that recovery is possible, and most importantly that no one is alone. Learn more about X.ARI in the following All Access interview: So where does this interview find you today? Has it been a good day? I am currently sitting in my house robe at home, listening to a Youtube video called, “528Hz Calm Down Anxiety – Stop Inner Conflict, Overthinking, Worry | Let Go Of Destructive Energy.” It’s pretty soothing! I woke up in a funk and have been fighting depression, so I pushed myself to run, shower, and meditate this morning. To me, that is a really great start to the day, and I intend on allowing it to set the tone for the rest of my day. Overall, how do you think 2017 was for you and your career? What are you most excited about for this year? What is one big goal you have for 2018? 2017 was one of the most difficult years of my life. Thankfully, I’ve found a way to channel my pain through my music, and make meaning of my trauma by having a message with a higher purpose. As for 2018, it has been moving so fast! I’m really excited to release my EP “Dis-Order,” in participation with Mental Health Month in May. My main goal is to reach as many people as possible who may be suffering, or who need to know that they are not alone. I hope that by sharing my wounds and recovery openly, people will believe that they too can heal and have joy in their life again, despite what they may be going through now. When I was at my lowest, I wish I saw someone sharing their struggle and survival story so I would’ve known it was possible for me too. I’m trying to be the person I needed for other people, so there is less suffering in the world and more self love, compassion, and acceptance. I’d love to hear you share about your Pain Into Power Campaign. Can you speak to what your movement is all about and what inspired it? Pain into Power is all about channeling negative energy, trauma, and pain into something meaningful. Music has been a constant healing source for me, and it is how I turn my Pain into Power. The campaign is a two parter with my EP “Dis-Order” and short film Grace, which we are currently submitting to premiere at a film festival. I hope to inspire people to find their source of healing, and to make meaning out of their pain too. I’ve had challenges with mental health since I was a kid, and have survived two severe mental health breakdowns. One of my breakdowns actually led to my hospitalization in late November of 2016. I was very ashamed and thought that my life as I knew it was over. I was completely stuck and unable to accept my mental health challenges as part of my story. I was resisting acceptance – not only could I not believe that it was my reality, I did not want to believe it. Fortunately, with a lot of self work, I’ve been able to slowly integrate it into part of my life, rather than reject it. Most importantly, my darkest experiences helped me realize that what I thought was my biggest weakness was actually my greatest strength. Over the years, I’ve tried out different modalities for healing and therapy so I’ve compiled a Self Care Tips page on my website and have started a Self Care Sunday series on Youtube to provide a resource for anyone seeking additional help. I’ve been using opposite action by overtly sharing my experiences in hopes of helping others, which is also helping me heal simultaneously. Growing up, did you ever think that this would be the kind of life that you would have? Has music always been a big part of your life? Can you recall your first ever musical experience?  I always loved to sing as a kid. There was something so pure about it coming directly from my own body. Anywhere I went I could sing and feel good. Music has always been a huge part of my life although for a while I didn’t think I’d pursue it as a career. For a time music felt so … Continue reading An Interview With The Singer-Songwriter And Mental Health Advocate, X.ARI!